Research, analysis, and writing

A practical introduction to the social scientific skills required to complete a project of research or analysis, a guide to the whole process from scoping your topic to writing a report or dissertation, from start to finish, from choosing the topic to delivering the finished written product.
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intelligence and counter-intelligence

This course teaches the history, structure, process, politics, law, ethics, technical collection, and analytical practices of intelligence and counter-intelligence from commercial and operational to policy levels.
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POlitical Economics of War and Peace

Economic causes of war and peace, acquiring military capabilities, managing human resources and personnel in the defense and security sectors, the costs of defense and homeland security, and building capacity.

counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency

Terrorism continues to increase in frequency and lethality despite increased reactions since 2001. Insurgency is actually riskier and sufficiently similar that they should be studied together. This course is an advanced introduction to the issues, polices, and practices of counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency.
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global security and risk management

Security and risk are the practical concepts used by governments and businesses to manage their situation. This course teaches you how to analyse risks and security, understand particular risks, and manage them from root causes. Coursesite (requires enrollment)

practical skills and applied knowledge in Security, defense, and risk management


courses of instruction that i lead

international relations

A theoretical and evidence-based introduction to how nations, states, and higher and lower actors interact.