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Bosnia peacekeeping mission simulation ©

A real-time strategy game for instructional purposes

...You're about to intervene in an unstable region after a bitter conflict. Peace is uncertain, resentment festers, and outside actors are keen to disrupt your activities. The environment is full of hazards: a harsh climate; difficult terrain; unexploded munitions; armed criminals; and desperate displaced persons. Indigenous actors are skeptical of your motivations and ready to sponsor terrorism or insurgency if you oppose their interests. Now you must bring stability, in cooperation with disparate government agencies, military units, non-governmental organizations, and international institutions. What are you going to do?

- Real-time strategy game
- Fully on-site
- Freeware
- All soft-copy materials and data files supplied
- Scaleable and adaptable for different learning objectives
- See-all debriefing and review tools 
- Objective performance data and anonymous peer review

Based on real events, the Peacekeeping Mission Simulation is a multi-sided real-time human-digital exercise, incorporating entry, disaster assistance, disaster recovery, counter-insurgency/terrorism, and reconstruction phases. 

This is not a combat simulation and no military knowledge is required. 

This exercise develops skills in leadership, teamwork, logistics, public diplomacy, sense-making, and communications..