practical skills and applied knowledge in Security, defense, and risk management


adapt leadership reaction course ©

portable and built structures for trying leadership and teamwork skills in the field

The ADAPT LRC (Leadership Reaction Course or Development Course) is an efficient, multi-use physical structure for training full-spectrum cognitive and teamwork skills.

Multi-mission, multi-linear, multi-sided, and multi-storey designs

Skill, difficulty, and mission variations provide re-playability and develop adaptiveness and self-awarenes

Self-training and evaluation aids permit a low trainer-burden

Variable scenarios, both everyday and life-threatening, including MOUT and Stability Operations themes

Portable and permanent versions

Trainers or train-the-trainer services provided

Performance data provided through exclusive ADAPT Learning Feedback Cards

The ADAPT design principles include: 

Progressive complementary learning opportunities

Foci on cognitive, decision-making, and communication skills

Iterated tests of component skills 

Exposure of negative behaviors 

Adaptability through multiple skill and difficulty variations 

Flexibility for multiple uses 

Potential for scenario development and innovation by instructors.

The ADAPT LRC offers discrete single-sided missions, different multi-mission routes, multi-linear missions, and multi-sided games. These mission variations permit re-play and develop adaptiveness to changing environments and interactive opponents. Skill and difficulty variations can be used to tailor a mission to specific target skills and different skill levels. 

Portable versions can be set up temporarily on-site with full trainer services.